Wednesday, May 21


I should have known this was going to happen.
I'm beyond naive.

I don't know why I want so badly to be important to you.

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Its so weird that I haven't heard from you in weeks.
I've never had a dream about you until last night, only one ever.
Wake up to a text from you... you wanna see me...
Dreams are weird.

And it sucks knowing I should probably say no, but goddamnit if you're not the shiniest star in the fucking sky.

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Sunday, May 4

Why do i care so much

About what other people think of me?
am I really that weak?
I'm running around in the same circles and I can't stop.
I love me for what I see but I hate me for what people see...

I just wish I could find a median.

I wish I didn't feel this way.

But wishing, like praying, has never got me shit.

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Saturday, May 3


I don't like the idea of the state my mental health has to be in to start blogging again.
It's been two years.
Two fucking years.
I don't like standing on the edge.

But it's where I built my home...

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Thursday, May 1

Here I am again

The bottom of a bottle. The bedrock. The fucking darkness.

There's not light at the end of this tunnel, and even if there was, it's only a break before the next.

I ask myself why do I give a shit, why do I?

But then again, is it so much to ask then to want more for yourself?

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