Friday, June 13

Call me what you will.
The names will never hurt me.
I'm better then you,
wayy beyond your puny existance.

And unlike you,
I'm not a piece of shit.

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Wednesday, June 11

There's vomit on my toes,
Runnyness in my nose,
and quezyness all around.

I do believe I'm quite happy.

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Call me by my name,
Just so you know it's me.
When I sit at home alone,
You're who I want to see.
I wish that I could tell you,
Exactally how I feel,
But I know that you must run away,
From everything that's real...

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My New Blog.
My new blog is
This one bores me.
I cry, and whine way to much.

and I'm glad I found spell check.

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The Bleeding.
I have seemed to have outgrown my old blog.
I want to be a little more mature with the contents of this one.
I probably wont be, but it's whatever.
I really just want somewhere to post my poems.
Get it? Good.

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