Tuesday, September 1

Oh yeah!
Do you know what it's like to be married?
Well I think I do, and sometimes it's amazing, then it's not.
It's like a rollercoaster.
I shouldn't be complaining, at least I'm happy.
Yet, I complain about everything..

And to Jenna: I doubt anyone's gonna read any personal blogs of ours.
And if they decide to I might as well give them something interesting to read.

I got my Depo shot today, and I'm kinda freaked out cause they said I was going to gain all this weight and like bleed a lot and stuff.
Plus they said my boobs would get smaller! WTH?!
I don't think that's even possible with me, but whatever.
Oh an next time they stick the needle in my butt.
Also, I got my tyroid tested. I may have problems with that which would SUCK really really badly.
Oh, and my blood pressure was 134/84 and the norm for 30 year old people is 130/80.
The norm for people my age is 120/70 xS
I think it's because I smoke though, whatever who cares.
Anyway, yeah that's about it. Bye.

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