Wednesday, January 31

I feel awful insucre lately... It's just a sort of curse that lingers in my life.. pretty much it goes like this... My life is like as good as it can get then I get uber worried thinking I am going to somehow mess it up in a scary way so I start holding myself back and think i am the worst thing in the world... feh~ how gay does that sound... heh.. well i am going to go do "french stuff" and go to youth later... gahh i need a cigatette... xD... peace ;;

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Sunday, January 28

I am quite worried at this point... I don't know what's wrong with him and I only wish we could talk... well I guess I will go to youth tonite...

ARRG! today i reolised how much i miss partying... and how dramatic the world is...

other than that i had fun this weekend... i cried when i watched i am sam and everyone laughed at me lol... i love you jackass.


Ps; don't break his heart... (you so don't know who i am talking aboot so shut up.)

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Wednesday, January 24

wow... long time no post... let's seeeee.....

1. I know how imperfect i am
2. I love Jack
3. Im loosing friends
4. I love jack
5. i hate life, and mr. klepfer
8. Did i mention i love jack?

So anywhooo things are going quite well lately and i am having odd dreams... wow... you can't imagine... Summer Skin has made me totally almost over jimmy... life is good x3.

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Tuesday, January 16

going, going.... gone :D
Things are going well lately.. I have a wicked awsome boyfriend that I don't need to sneak around just to see.. He's 14.. He is only 3 monthes older than me making him the youngest boy I have EVER dated in my life.. Makes me happy knowing neither of us are going to get in trouble for dating in general.. We've been dating for 1 month and 2 weeks and I am really having a good time... Waking up knowing he cares is wonderful... That's all for now...


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Sunday, January 14

Erica is going to give me a KY warming massage... Hmmm... Be jeaulos.. mmmm... warming sensationssss... lololololololol@yourface//...

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So yeah what crakin homie........ Yooo. I hate you all... Kay bye...

go die.

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Friday, January 12

Sometimes I look at myself as if i'm nothing... As if I am stranded inside myself with no where to run, and no hope to carry on. Many people don't know of how I really feel about myself. Most people just take my random up and downs as just a sign that I am in fact human. Maybe people should look deeper... There's more of me than just meets the eye. There's more of me that most of you will never know about.

Go about your life as if you never read this blog..

Just another rant..

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Sunday, January 7

Damnit Necro..
i am thinking about changing my layout again... nothing seems to fit me i don't know. i think i will make my own this time... i don't really wanna, but i suppose i will anyways... i will see if Necro sent me flashGet yet... NECRO YOU SHOULD DO THAT SOON... lol... calling him necro is funny... lol... so imma not go to skoo tomorrow... not that anyone will miss me kbye :]

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I accidentaly deleted all my music of my flach drive.. I don't know if it is still saved on my computer, but I don't think it is so now... yeah... I am musicless.. I think imma cry.. No, well anyways I am going home today so I don't know if I will post for awile.

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Saturday, January 6

me and jack have an inside joke....

Me: i make bunny cry?
Jaaack: noo
Jaaack: right now bunny is jus plain sad, because hes a jackass
Me: well bunny's girlfriend says that bunny needs to not be sad
Jaaack: well bunny is getting happy now, now that his girlfriend doesnt seem to sad
Jaaack: tell robin that batman says hes reallly sorry

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In all sadness, look to friends<3
Me : i was thinking about you the whole time i was there... like if i saw you i would yell hi out the window lol
Nate: haha
Nate: that's so sweet
Me : yup :] im just that [sweet] danni llama.

Erica: Klarc is an asswhole
Me: so your telling me i gotta kick his ass again?

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he's so right...

------------ (1/6/2011 8:04:35 PM): thats what part of our conversation was about,how he can ruin it for other people who ARE NOT going to do wht he did

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Friday, January 5

I miss my people... Sorry no post... Gotta go. Bye.

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