Friday, July 27

I'm Crying.
I'm sad, lost, and just plain tangled.
I'm scared, and helpless.
I can't think.
I'm just so blah...

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On the side it said "I love Drew".. I was talking about DREW BARRYMORE.. So why don't you keep your mouthes shut and stop drama with me.. I have had like 3 people ask me who this Drew was 'cause people think I am dating a guy named Drew.. Well guess what? IM NOT!!! So why say shit when you don't even know.. Gosh.. I HATE that.. So if you can't respect me enough to ask me personally or even to post your name on comments then stay away from me AND my blog.


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I have been playing Warcraft for about 8 straight hours now... I am not very tired.. Well anyways nothing to big has been happening lately.. Wow.. I'm so dull.. Hehehehehhe.. Comments would be nice :D

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Wednesday, July 25

I am in a more content and less bitchy mood today. Seeing that pepole actually cares just makes me feel good..

[If it wasn't for dreams<3]

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Tuesday, July 24

How can I explain it? It would be nice to know.. I am stressed out FREAKING OUT.. I dunno what I am going to do lately. Jack if your reading this it's NOT about you so if you throw a fucking fit about it I'm going to have to hit you.. Oh and also you need to check the dates on my blogs before you asume things you pessimistic asshole. I would really like someone to talk/vent to... Bye.

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Friday, July 6

When will all you assholes reolise that I am not god and sometimes I question myself. Staying with him will hurt as both, and being away from him will hurt him. So either way I am fucked over and I don't know what to do. There I said it are you happy?!?! I don't know what to do about it anymore.. I can't be friends with him cause all he wants to talk about is us and I want to move on. I'm sick of it okay. You make me so lost and confused. Blah..

You got me short for words.
You got me so stressed.
So tell me, are you happy now?

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Monday, July 2

I'm By Your Side<3
It's so wierd how things can just reach out and grab your heart. The wierder thing is that when you feel like warm feeling, it doesn't matter how gay it can be at that very point in time, you find... confort. To me that's worth living for. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. I wish I could pin it to my heart and stay like that forever, but then I reolise that things change and so do people... The things that used to make you laugh really do make you cry. -sigh- I suppose you gotta take a little hell to get to heaven.. It's worth it to me... Wow, baby I love you.. I would wrap the world in a ribbon and hand it to you to make you really see what you do to me... I love you Jack.

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