Friday, August 24

Oh what a web we weave, when we deal in deciet.
I am in a state of depression.
The kind when you look happy,
but inside you're just breaking down.
I need help.

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Saturday, August 18

Hiatus No More...
Wow.. That's fucked up.
Hiatus if off.
Yeh took awile huh?
Well I reolise people don't need me, I need them.
I reolised that helping people is like my therapy.
And for all you people.
I hope you reolise I really can't use I.P logs.
I was just waiting for blogger to like flip out or w/e about it.
The only way I could get your I.P. adress was if I was in the blogger domain.
Which I can't do because I don't own google.
So yeahhh.
All I am saying is that please don't post as anonymous.
If you do I will end up making comments for blogger users only, and I don't wanna do that.
On other notes shit is just coming untangled.
I had a dream about someone last night.
And I was happy, spite it all.
Then at the end it relapsed.
And I woke up angry as ever.
The only zen I have felt sience... Well yeah.
And no, the dream wasn't about Jimmy, twas Jack....
And no, my feelings haven't changed.
I just felt, well, happy.

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Thursday, August 16

Help Hiatus♥
Why am I always the one.
I just sit there and take it all.
The stress, drama, lies, and bullshit.
Then when I say something out of free will.
Then it's a big deal.
Out of everything...
It's always "Danni this" and "Danni that" and "Danni I need help".
But when it's "HELP ME" then it's a differant story.
When I am the one breaking down...
Who is there for ME?
No one.
When it's my problems, and when I need help the most.
Guess what?
I'm alone.
I'm sick of it.
I am on a help hiatus.
So gotta problem?
Go somewhere else for awile.

Ps: This blog has nothing to do with Jenna June I would drop anything for her and help her through anything no matter what.

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I think I am in love with Jacob Gill.
Actually, I don't think..
I know =)

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Wednesday, August 15

I'm back everyone.
I mean I still live in Washington, but i'm back online.
I am quite content with my situation right now.
And I am going to get an IP log so like if you want to post as anonymous...
I will know who you are HAHAHAHHA!
Have a nice day.

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