Sunday, October 29

Hmm this may be my last post for awhile... If you are having trouble with the layout I will like change it for you and stuff. Not alot of people come here anyways so I wont worry about it. Hmm well as I already said this might be my last post for ahwile I don't know though. I still can't belive what happened the other day. I love him, truely and deeply. Feh~ if only. Other notes I installed a new layout isn't it spiff3h!? I am such a nerd roflmao. I am watching Rose Red and it's uber creepy. Well I am thirsty so imma gonna go.

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Saturday, October 28

So yeah. I am in alot of shit... Well umm I supposedly didn't talk to my mom about something or something... So on other notes I am not moving. I love these people that I say I hate I just do. So well I just wanted to say my heart has never beat as fest as it did last night. Orgy of emotions and oh how fun it is. Don't ask. You wouldn't understand... Kthxbye.

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Friday, October 27

I am chillin at Kendra's and I am going to go to the game i guess. I don't want to, but I will anyways... So yeah the lock in is going to be fun, but I am going to be grounded after... Detention... So yeah.. Kthxbye.

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School Is Fun!!
Yeah so I am sitting in school. How fun. I can't wait until it's over cause I am gonna hang with Rhonda... Today is her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY RHONDA! It's going to be great cause this well be the first time we have hung out in like forever... So then I am going to the lock in at church so that should be fun. They are prolly going to try to make me get saved. Well i'm NOT okey so get over it. Well I will end this with he's wonderful... kthxbye.

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Thursday, October 26

He is just perfection.

So yo... Whatttsup? Yeah I finnally got my blog up and running. I didn't delete my freewebs blog, 'cause there's stuff on there and stuff. So wow today was an okay day. I am really mad at Tyler though. Don't ask... I just am and stuff. So blah.. Well my grades are bobbing. It's really gay. I need to buy a camera damnit. Well I suppose I will go know cause I have nothing to blog about. I have jerky :D, kthxbye.

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I finnally got a new blog damnit. Freewebs server is fucking slow so i decided it would be better to just like host it here and stuff... So rawr.

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