Sunday, March 18

Been Awile.
Yup.. Been good too.. I love life.. I love air.. I love the grass and the trees.. And most of all I love him..

but here's the secret:

He loves me tooooooooo [:

I deleted the emails.. pooof.. I'm proud of myself..

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Saturday, March 3

I totally just reolized how much I truely and deeply love Jack and I need him right now... I love him.. So much.

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Rant Ignore
I'm so far gone now, I've been running on empty

Do you ever feel like you're just a kid, just a speck in society. Well I do and if you do I know how it feels... I guess my 'rents think I need counciling... I'm a teenager not a drone sycopath and they think just becuase i'm not like everyone elce that I am jsut some freak.. Well maybe I am crazy.. Or maybe i'm just having a bad few monthes... Who knows.. If I needed help I would ask for it.. Fuck I sound like some damn record player.. I don't know what i'm going to do with myself... Maybe I should stop spinning in circles and start thinkning about now and not the future.. I guess you can read me like an open book... Maybe I should just hide from it all, or maybe I should stand up and say "Fuck you world. I'm Danni Kristin fucking Fitzsimmons... Whatcha gonna do about it."

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