Friday, December 25


doesn't feel a lot like Christmas to me.

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Sunday, December 6

Let's talk about shit shall we?
Pretend I'm a little voice in your head.
You stub your toes, you say "shit!" I say "where?"
You walk in a room, you say it smells like shit in here. I say what kind of shit? Human. Dog. Cow. Raccoon?
You say this is the shit! I say, how do you know that?
Let's take ourselves back a couple centuries. You look at Rasputin say DID YOU SEE THAT SHIT?! He would probably be like wtf yo.
We use shit so much in our language it's almost ridiculous.
I say shit just as much as the rest guy, but honestly? Does what we say even make since?
It don't even matter. But I know for a fact if pixels could shit, that would be my blog.

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