Sunday, November 30

Ughhghgh, I can't move good.
My entire body hurts.

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Friday, November 28

I want to loose 10 pounds. I weigh 122 right now.
I don't allow comments on this post.

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Thursday, November 27

Sometimes I feel funny.
Side effects of reading my blog may be: dizziness, vomiting, explosive diarrhea, dramatic sighs, seizures, broken thought processes, cold hands, a feeling of mild to great discomfort, puffiness of the eyes, and involuntary muscle spasms.

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Wednesday, November 26

Love remains the same.
I'm going to have Thanksgiving with my Mom.
She has been telling me she loves me a lot more lately.
I believe her; I know she misses me.
I've never been so happy in my entire life.
My life has never been this perfect.
I'm not the same person anymore,
I finally love life!!

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You notice how you say I Love You to people before you go to bed?
Is it so you sleep better knowing your loved?
Or if someone comes in in murders you, you're sorry?
I think it just means if you die in your sleep,
at least the last thing I said to you was nice.

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Monday, November 24

So I got done blowdrying my hair in the downstairs bathroom.
I went out in the kitchen to get something to drink; it was very dark.
I heard a slam that sent a chill down my spine,
but I shrugged it off and told my self it was nothing, that it didn't even happen, and kept drinking my juice.
When I was done I went back in the bathroom to take the hairdryer back upstairs, and the garbage can was tipped over with little tissues sprung out on the floor.
Well, to get to the point, it made me start thinking...
How many times do you hear something in the night and tell yourself it's not there,
it didn't happen, it's my imagination..
But what if sometimes it isn't, and just what if somethings really do go bump in the night.

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Saturday, November 22

I can't wait to sit next to you.
I can't wait to see your dark hair and magnificent hazel eyes in contrast to a white snowy background.
I can't wait to feel your hand slip in to mine like perfect fitting glove.
And to see your smile, the one that could make angels cry.
I can't wait to rub my red nose on yours,
and brush the snow from your hair.
We can slip into our serenity, and let the world pass us by.
Through winter, summer, spring, and fall; you're mine.
I'm glad I found you, and I'm glad you stayed.
I'm not Scrooge this year, oh no.
I finally have someone to keep my heart warm through the winter.
& finally a winter with love.
I love you James Michael Tronetti.

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Friday, November 21

Numa Numa; the most beautiful love song.
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha

Hello, Salute, it’s me your Duke
And I made something that’s real
To show you how I feel

Hello, Hello, it’s me Picasso
I will paint my words of love
With your name on every wall

When you leave my colors fade to gray
I need a love to stay or
All my colors fade away
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

I sold my strings, my songs, and dreams
And I bought some paints to match the colors of my love
Hello, Hello, it’s me ,Picasso
I will spray my words of my love
With your name on every wall

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Little lover stay
All my colors fade away
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

Ma-Ya-Ha Ha
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha

Ma-Ya-Ha Ha
Ma-Ya-Ha Ha

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Little lover stay or
All my colors fade away
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

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Thursday, November 20

"I'll do anything for a klondike" -Kanye West
It's official; it's winter. -sigh-
Wake me up in May.

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Wednesday, November 19

i feel like you don't want to talk to me,
but i make it seem like that's what i want.
but i don't.
so i wrote you something:

"You know I love you.
I don't want to go astray,
And make a mistake"


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Tuesday, November 18

and she thought she found the escape.
but the end of the tunnel, black, as the darkness of her heart.
when you're trapped, you're nothing.
when you struggle it proves you're gone.
i can't feel, i can't see..
i can only be.
i am only me.
and i live in the darkness of my mind,
the corner that the light doesn't eliminate.
i dig for a reason, i find nothing, but more room to fall.
she's loves kid games such as hide and seek, she always wins.
Come potere è trovata, se non sé può si trovare.

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Monday, November 17

So let me get honest here.
I'm bored with my life.
I go to school everyday, and feed my 91 average.
Then I come home, and do nothing.
I can quilt, because I don't have supplies.
I can't paint, because I don't have anything to paint.
I can't color, because I left all my coloring books in Shinglehouse.
I can't think, cause He wont stop calling me.
I can't go for a walk, because it's snowy and cold.
I can't stay online long, because my parents think computers are bad.
I can't listen to music, because I sold my iPod.
I can't play WoW cause I'm broke.
I can't quench my continuous thirst, because I don't like Bradford water.
I can't stay up late and mess around.
I can't txt because no one wants to talk.
I can't write because I'm at a block.
I can't read because I can't concentrate.
All I can do is get annoyed,
and I do that constantly.
I'm so bored (and I never say that),
I need to do something exciting.
Come to Bradford and visit me..

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Saturday, November 15

I've been reminiscin today.
I miss a lot of people today.
I've been so many places, and met so many differant people.
I wish I could go back whenever I wanted.
And just live it all again.
I'de be sure to say goodbye 21973248597 times.
I love you all.

Forgotten Photo's on my myspace.

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Friday, November 14

hanging by a moment.
I love weekends.

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Thursday, November 13

i'm the scum of the earth.
i'm so sorry.
i do love you.
i didn't know you felt that way....

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Wednesday, November 12

i always get sad when i sit in this chair.


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Monday, November 10

yeah so.
sometimes it's funny how you look at people,
and how much they can change in the blink of an eye.
i may have the worst judgment in the world.
but i'll live.

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Sunday, November 9

What you did for me means more to me than you can ever understand.
Let's just say I have never known anyone as amazing as you.
I can honestly say that the tears that you shead for me took something away from me that I have been trying to get rid of for a long time.
I finally feel free.

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Saturday, November 8

I wonder why it bothers me so much.
Probably because she's better then me in every single way.
I know it, she knows it.
Everyone knows it.

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Friday, November 7

Well it's friday. Sweetness.
I think fridays are the best day of the week.
I used to hate them.
Just shows how my life is going.

Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me..

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Thursday, November 6

I had a dream about you lastnight.
It made me think of the time we spent together, and how much I missed talking to you.
So I used one of my non-free txts to txt you,
and you didn't even care.
So next time I miss you, I wont message you to let you know.
I'll just hate you for it.

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Wednesday, November 5

New Url.
If you have notised my blog url is differant.
It is now
Something a little more appropriate.
I think I'm going to go to the gym tonite.
Takes a lot of stress off.

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Tuesday, November 4

Juan-o Blogging?
James has a new blog.
The side doesn't lie.

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I am going to start blogging more.
So if you're reading this, be sure to stop by more often.

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