Monday, April 9

Dear Jimmy Hosley,
I really wish I could begin to understand. I can't see why what people really think about you matters... It's just not the Jimmy I remember.. I wish you could understand that there might be people that want to bring you down, but there are also people who wish to help you up. It seems as much as I or anyone tries to help you it doesn't matter to you at all. I want you to understand i hate seeing you this way, and I hate thinking that you're thinking about yourself this way. I only wish that you would really listen to me, but I know what you're thinking.. I don't understand at all right? Well I do... Okay I do. As much ad you probably don't want to except this I want to help you, but I know I can't. I'm trying and if that is not enough for you to see, then fuck it.. I wish the best for you.

Your friend,

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Sunday, April 8

Jack is a douche.
Hrm... I'm bored.. I love you people...

kay bye...

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Saturday, April 7

My IQ is 112?
Testriffic IQ test

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Friday, April 6

It's been a loooooong time holy shit.

So all I can say is that things are crazy, but goood...

I'm being held together at the seams.

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