Sunday, April 27

Soo yeah.
I feel like shit today.
I don't fucking know, I want someone to share my life with.
But I'm stupid, and no ones here.
I feel like shit today.

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Tuesday, April 15

I told Sean not to get the bathroom all greasy, cause mom would flip out and ha was like...

"I'm not scared of that little fucking troll"

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I wish I were dead.

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Sunday, April 13

By day I feel like shit, by night I feel worse.


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Thursday, April 10

No regrets.

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Monday, April 7

Fuck Everyone.
FUCK EVERYTHING!!waes;'klf ad;s koff mnjds'
f'ds kfads f,mzdxsad[f'skg vadbfs

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The Last Day.
It went as normal.
A little school, a lot of home.
We cuddled, watched t.v., talked.
Did all the normal stuff.
Time went by fast, and next thing I knew, it was time to leave.
I cried, he cried too.
I said goodbye, and he said I Love You.
I didn't want to go, it's just so nice in his arms.
We walked down to Ryans, and just looked at eachother.
Some more time slipped by, and it was really time.
We hugged for a few secounds.
Gave a little kiss.
I said see yah later, and gave a little smile.
Started walking down the street, and my thoughts started racing.
I turned around to give one last look, and there he was.
Behind the glass looking back at me.
I kept my pace and threw him a smile and a wave.
I kept walking, and never looked back.
That might be the last day I ever saw him.

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Saturday, April 5

I miss him so much.
So much.

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