Monday, April 27

Is my baby.

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Sunday, April 26

I'm so loved.

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Sunday, April 12

It's so pitiful what you are, as beautiful as you are.
It's hard for me to use my thought process.
All this noise.
I don't think I shall blog today.

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Saturday, April 11

i love you.
a whole bunch.

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Thursday, April 9

I hate the world atm.
I love how the world is so caught up in looks.
Like if you're not showing your ass then stfu.
Like seriously.
Am I the only girl left in the world that hasn't slutted myself to get ahead.
I think I might be.
And this ego shit omg.
If you're not wearing this your not cool.
If you don't have this you're not cool.
If you don't act like this your not cool.
I feel like I'm trapped.
Everyone wants to be better then everone else, and it's never going to happen.
Maybe people should take some time to figure that out.
For gods sake, I don't think my self esteem can get any lower.

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Tuesday, April 7

Dinosaurs go rawr.
I'm really bored.
-insert boredom emoticon here-

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Thursday, April 2

But you can't take me alive!
I'm getting quite laid back in my old age.
It's kinda funny actually.
Heh, old age.

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